Together, Chip and Margaret Sloan, though now retired, directly impacted
the education of our community’s children for 71 years. They taught or held leadership roles in the schools of Greer or Blue Ridge during their entire careers.

Margaret began her career as an English teacher in 1968 at Davenport Junior High School, which was the forerunner of Greer Middle School. She became a counselor there is 1971 and assistant principal in 1978. In 1986 she moved to Blue Ridge Middle as assistant principal and then principal. She retired in 2003 having served our community as an educator for 35 years.

Margaret was known for running “a tight ship” in the middle schools where she worked. She had great rapport with the faculty, students and parents, as well as the Blue Ridge community.

Chip began his 36-year career in 1967 as a physical education teacher at Davenport Junior High School, which became Greer Middle School in 1971. In 1981 he moved to Greer High School to teach science.

After five years at the high school level, Chip was tapped for assistant principal at Greer Middle School and then principal. After nine years as principal of Greer Middle, he retired with Margaret in 2003.

Chip will always be remembered as a strict disciplinarian, loved by all of the students and highly respected by his teachers and the community. He began the very successful Boot Camp at Greer Middle, which became a model for many other schools.

The Greer Christian Learning Center could not have materialized to become the program it is today without the dedicated support of Chip Sloan. He made many adjustments to his school’s schedule in order that students, who wished to do so, could have released time to participate in this program.