The smiling faces of our 2019 Greater Greer Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients.

Greater Greer Education Foundation awards $9,166.74 to 10 area schools


Jan. 30, 1018

The Greater Greer Education Foundation awarded $9,166.74 in grant money Wednesday to 10 area schools. The grant requests were submitted by teachers at the schools.

Skip Davenport, past chairman of the Foundation, welcomed the group to the reception held at Greer City Hall. “We appreciate the community’s support, which allows us to award these grants to area schools each year. With the grants we are awarding today, we have contributed more than $100,000 to schools in the Greater Greer area.

Travis Olmert, Foundation chairman, said he has a passion working for the Foundation. “We are working hard to receive more money so we can give away more money, he said.

David Dolge, chairman of the Grant Committee, told the crowd that giving away money is his favorite thing to do. He then presented checks to the following teachers and their schools.

Alicia Keller, $1,500.00
Chandler Creek Elementary
G.E.M.S. program, Girls Engaged and Motivated at School. We believe that setting goals and instilling a desire in students at an early age can increase the graduation rate of our Greer students, impacting the community in which we live.

Mandi Presley, $1,275.85
Reidville Elementary
The board is impressed with your plans to update and expand Sheppard’s Walk Outdoor Science Lab at your school. We agree that by creating an outdoor science lab as a part of Sheppard’s Walk, students will have a part in creating more memorable, meaningful, lasting experiences for your students.

Tayler Flowers, $1,027.00
Reidville Elementary
The board is impressed with your plans to expand your classroom libraries, to provide a relevant and meaningful education for all of your students.

Jennifer Dodds, $1,000.00
Chandler Creek Elementary
The board is impressed with the Work in Progress program, where your boys have the opportunity to learn the social skills needed to be productive members in both their school and community.

Angela H. Jarecki, $905.22
Blue Ridge Middle School
The board is impressed with your plans to offer high interest books that touch on subjects such as empathy, compassion, kindness and inclusion, believing that such books can spark a conversation about what it means to be empathetic and compassionate.

Carol C. Godfrey, $892.00
Skyland Elementary
To assist in developing musical skills and providing quality performance opportunities, the board is impressed with your plan to add new choral risers to accommodate larger classes and provide a safe and enjoyable performance experience for students.

Sarah Kennedy, $874.54
Dunbar CDC
The board is happy to assist you in adding a light table to your classroom to give students additional opportunities to learn while also appealing to students who have sensory needs.

Leslie Susie, $784.00
Blue Ridge High School
The board is happy to assist you in providing the best possible opportunities for your special education students by providing funds for a reading center and math center in the classroom that is on their level.

Jody Dill, $707.78
Mountain View Elementary School
The board of happy to help you teach your students some of the South Carolina math and ELA standards in a fun and engaging way using visual and kinesthetic movement in an outdoor classroom.

Jennifer Dodds, $200
Chandler Creek Elementary School
The board is impressed with your plans to build relationships with your youngest students as well as provide an opportunity to help students both socially and academically by continuing your weekly read-aloud initiative.

From left: GGEF Chairman Travis Olmert, past chairman Skip Davenport, Greater Greer Chamber president and ex-0fficio board member David Merhib.
Grant recipients from Greater Greer Educaation Foundation were presented grants Wednesday from the Foundation.

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