Greater Greer Education Foundation

awards $15,292.50 in grants to area schools


Chelsey Coleman, Jennifer St. Charles,
Chandler Creek, $1.500


The Greater Greer Education Foundation, awarded $15,292.50 in grants to areaa schools at reception held at Greer City Hall. Travis Olmert, Foundation chairman, welcomed the group and congratulated the grant recipients.

The Foundation has awarded more than $214,000 in grants over the past 11 years, with all the  money coming from donations, individuals and companies.

David Dolge, chairman of the Foundation’s Grant Committee, looks forward to presentation day . “I enjoy it because I am doing the thing I like to do best: Giving away money!

Dolge has worked with the Foundation for many years and has seen the impact it has had on so many lives.

Amy Murphy, teacher at Brushy Creek Elementary School, received a grant to purchase books for her project, Read With Me!. Reading at home can be difficult for some students. The series “We Both Read” will provide books that support the practice at home. The books are specifically designed for this purpose and are formatted for a parent and child to take turns reading aloud alternate pages. $968
Chelsey Coleman and Jennifer St. Charles co-wrote an application. They both teach music at Chandler Creek Elementary. The money they receive from their grant will go a long way toward purchasing a new sound system for the school to be used for special performances and events such as music, drama, etc.  $1,500
Rebekah Schafer, computer instructor at Crestview Elementary, will use her grant funds to purchase a large screen Smart TV that will project a clear and large image. In addition, she will be able to purchase a stand-up desk. These pieces of equipment will allow her to use the space to move away from the screen and give her students full view of her projected lessons. $1,200

Alicia Keller, counselor at Chandler Creek Elementary, is using her grant funds to help purchase racks and bins to organize the school’s clothing closet. This organization will help personnel locate proper sizes for students in need, thus helping supply the basic needs of  the students at Chandler Creek. $700

Tyson Wright is a Behavior Specialist at Chandler Creek Elementary. One program with which he works is the “Work In Progress” program, a club designed to teach social and life skills to young men. Shaking hands, looking people  in the eye, dressing for success, etc are all things that some of us take for granted, but Tyson works hard to teach his young men apprpriate behaviors. He will use his funds to purchase shirts, ties, sport coats for students participating in the club. $1,500

Katlyn Boyter and Mandi Presley both teach at Reidville Elementary School. Their project has been in the planning stages for a year and they will use their funding to continue to expand their outdoor science lab, Sheppard’s Walk, named for their late former principal, John Sheppard. They will purchase shade trees, bird feeders, shrubs, etc to be used by all classes to study nature and weather. $1,426.09

Jenny Hunter and Daniel Claffey both work at Mtn View Elementary as kindergarten teacher and School Psychologist. Working on social and emotional skills, they will now be able to purchase materials for the Second Step Curriculum  which uses puppets, games, songs, and role play. These activities will benefit students teaching them to manage emotions, show empathy and make good choices.  $644.93

  Jody Dill is a SPED teacher at Mtn. View Elementary School. Her students have various special challenges and she will be able to purchase materials for a program entitled Bal-A-Vis-X, a fun and engaging “brain game” or movement break that is designed to help students work cooperatively together as a unit to complete systematic, rhythmic exercises focusing attention and using self control. She hopes to initially use the program for her students, but eventually to use it with before school clubs. $673

Chelsea Shepherd is a school guidance counselor at Skyland Elementary.  Working with the SIC at her school, they will create a Friendship Garden. The garden will promote teamwork and patience that Chelsea will then incorporate in her guidance lessons as she works with individuals and classroom groups. $900

 The grant funding for Tracy Jackson, Special Ed teacher at Blue Ridge High School, will allow her to purchase a cash register and time clock to use to help teach life skills that will transfer to the real world of work.  $478

Susan Ward, instructional coach at Tigerville Elementary, is buying “Book Bins for Boys”. The bins will be filled with texts that are high interest geared for boys. The bins will be circulated throughout the school and allow boys in all grade levels to engage in high interest books geared toward the appropriate grade level. $1,204.22

Anne Kelsey-Zibert teaches at Greer Middle School. She will use her grant to create a “Makerspace”, supporting STEM learning, in the school media center.  She will fill the space with materials and supplies, such as Legos, etc. so that students can work in the space before school begins each day. $1,448.68

Megan Turner teaches ESOL at Lyman Elementary School. She will use her funding to purchase the National Geographic Reach Curriculum. It will help make planning more efficient and provide a smooth transition and more focused instruction for her students. It will help her students with speaking, reading, listening, and writing. $1.499.52

Terri Gilbert  at Skyland Elementary, wants to encourage reading in her school. Her school invested in refurbishing a used vending machine and made it the Bulldog Book Machine. Terri will be able to fill the vending machine with books that students who are nominated by their teachers, will be able to put in their “reward” coins and get a book to take home!   $1.150      


Well Done!